Business Plans

This is a Great Powerful Repeat Business.


1.Distributor$250Direct factory hook-up, drop-shipping service, get paid daily, full support.
2.Postcards$250For 500 postcards custom printed and delivered to you. 5 markets available.
3.Labels$150For 500 peel off stick-on business names in your area. 5 markets available.
4.Hosting$100One year hosting, and domain name registration, and full support.
5.Web Store$600One time fee, your own custom site, shows all items, takes credit cards, full support.

We can build you a beautiful webstore with your contact info on it that has a great display and description of all our products. It will greatly increase your credibility and order taking - plus it is fully automatic.

Recommended starting business plans - choose one or design your own.

The more postcards you send out - the more orders you get!

Plan 1Plan 2Plan 3
Distributor : $250Distributor : $250Distributor : $250
500 Postcards : $250Webstore : $600
500 Business Labels : $150Hosting : $100
Total : $250Total : $650Total : $950
Plan 4Plan 5 Plan 6
Distributor : $250Distributor : $250Distributor : $250
500 Postcards : $2502500 Postcards : $12505000 Postcards : $2500
500 Business Labels : $1502500 Business Labels : $7505000 Business Labels : $1500
Webstore : $600Webstore : $600Webstore : $600
Hosting : $100Hosting : $100Hosting : $100
Total : $1350Total : $2950Total : $4950

Flea Market Business Plans, indoor or outdoor.

We can customize any business plan to help you get started. The Flea market will also pick up a lot of commercial customers, plus a daily cash flow.

To check our beauty salon towel prices please either visit or call Sallys Beauty Supply, they are a national beauty salon supply company, and you will see , our prices are almost half of what they charge. That’s how easy it is to check this business out. We are so sure of your success in this business.

Your order will be started and shipped immediately. Call 928-637-2249 any time with any questions.

Methods of Payment:

Please make any checks, cashier checks or postal money orders to Howard Leventhal.

If you want to use a credit card, then we go through Western Union. Call 1-800-325-6000 and you can do this from home. I'll pay any fees for sending the funds. Once sent, please let me know the control number so I can get your business started.

Address (UPS and FedEx only):

575 W. Edgewood Dr
Ash Fork AZ.. 86320

We are now taking Walmart to Walmart. Provide the name Howard Leventhal when initiating payment at a Walmart store and then call with the tracking number to get your business started.

US Post: PO Box 960, Ash Fork, Arizona, 86320

Thank you Spectrum.

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