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We have a great easy repeat part time work from home business that can potentially create earnings of 50k to 500k. We also can build you a physical location Discount Store that will also potentially earn, from 100k to 500k. Please visit our business info page and our discount stores page. This is a great business, we deal with very nice business owners. The real hidden value are all the repeat orders and referrals. It may cost you $ 1.00 dollar to get an account, but they will keep re- ordering from you year after year. Thats what makes this a good business.

Beautiful Bed and Bath Linens

Bathroom Decor

Full Line of Hotel and Motel Supplies

Hotel Supplies

Hotel Supplies

Hotel Supplies

Hotel Towels

Beauty Salons

Beauty Salon Towels

Beauty Salon Supplies

Car Washes

Car Wash Towels

Car Wash Supplies

Restaurant Supplies

Restaurant Supplies

Restaurant Supplies

Medical Scrubs


We have an A rating with the BBB. I have 40 years experience in this industry.

We are a factory direct commercial supplier to all the major markets, plus we also welcome and open the doors to all the business owners and general public to take advantage of all our great products and savings. Thank You.

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