Discount Stores

A Discount Store is perfect for an Individual, Partnership, or a Family Business. A store is very easy to run and increases in value every day. We need about a 1000 - 2000 square foot space, and we try to get a location near a hospital or at least very easy access.

You can also open a Discount Store and build it up for a few months and sell it for a great Profit! This is a very simple, basic business with a low-overhead, plus an excellent future in increasing new customers and repeat orders. Our average customer purchases 4 - 5 times per year.

A discount store can easily net you over $100,000 - $500,000 and more the first year depending on the size of the store and inventory you start with. The sales volume and net profit will double the second year and keep growing, because of the many repeat orders and the referrals, plus all the other sources of income we have. The first year you are building up the business, and the second year your income will double.

Our Discount Stores work great
because of 10 sources of income!

  1. Mail Order – Postcards generate repeat commercial phone orders and invite owners to visit.
  2. Walk Trade – The large medical, commercial, and general public will come in to purchase.
  3. Web Store – Full-time shopping online convenience for all your customers and referrals.
  4. Sample Kits – Samples in key locations increases your visibility, distribution and re-orders.
  5. Sales Team – An outside sales force – commission only – will greatly increase your income.
  6. Bid Lists – We help you get on college, hospital, school, prison, and government lists.
  7. Ebay & Amazon – You can put any of our factory direct items on them to increase sales. 
  8. Swap Meets – Perfect for weekend cash, and also getting commercial customers and sales reps.
  9. Phone Sales – will get you a lot of commercial accounts and you can invite them into your store.
  10. Custom Printed Towels – These can be used for fund raisers, promotions, and souvenier towels.

This great combination gives you a fantastic business with a long term future!

Store - 50k  Factory Direct Discount Towel-Linen & Medical Scrub Store

Complete Turn-Key Store Includes:
  1. Finding you a great location for your beautiful discount store.
  2. Negotiating the best lease, amount, length, and any amenities.
  3. Store design: office, shelves, fixtures, dressing rooms, and signs.
  4. Complete ordering of $25,000 worth of inventory and help displaying.
  5. 5000 custom postcards, 1000 of each market, plus business names on labels.
  6. A custom web store showing all items, photos, & accepts credit cards.
  7. Direct hook-up with the towel and uniform factory for merchandise.
  8. Help in building and recruiting an outside sales force, commission only.
  9. Full time assistance and ongoing training are always available for you.
  10. Extra inventory and postcards can always be ordered.

Thank you for reviewing our Business Plans. This is a very exciting business with many options and opportunities. We target the five major markets and submarkets. We have ten direct sources of income for the business. The first year we try to go as fast as possible to build up a very large customer base. The second year this business should double sales volume. This is a very long-term repetitive business. If at any time you would like to sell your business, you will find they are in demand, easy to sell, and you will make a great profit.

Thank You


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