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In the way of confirmation of our most recent telephone conversation this afternoon, enclosed please find a money order in the amount of $$$.$$.

As you know, our telephone "test marketing" indicates that the hotels, Inns and even one state government here in our area would be immediately interested in the towel prices quoted on the yellow advertising card that you included in your initial mailing to us.Since we are immediately interested and highly motivated to begin this new business, we are sending you this check by Priority Mail.

Would you please return the courtesy by mailing the described training information to us in the same manner.

We are starting right now, with the preparation of our list of 500 names and addresses for our initial mailing.

We hope that this might be the beginning of a long, positive and profitable business association.


Louis W.

Dear Sir,

It was nice seeing you the other night in phoenix. I enjoyed the evening.

I thought i would mention that i am going to go ahead and try to find some salespeople in the next few weeks. I am preparing some documentation to send prospective people. As we discussed Monday night, if you run across some people that cannot buy a distributorship but are interested in a commissioned sales rep position, please give them my home number. They can call me anytime in the p.m. or on the weekends. This may work out well for both of us.

Keep in touch.


Pat Irish

Dear Sir:

I am writing in regard to our recent telephone conversation concerning the textile business opportunity presented by your company.

After making further investigation with the Better Business Bureau in Arizona and looking at options, I have decided to invest in the above opportunity.

Enclosed you will find a money order in the amount of $$$, made payable to you. Please send the entire business program package as described in your initial letter to me soon as possible. If you have additional information for me at this time, I can be reached afternoons (EST) .

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

I look forward to working with you in the future.


David A.

We want to give a big thanks to you for helping us start our own home business. With our first sale we made enough to cover our expenses and put some money in the bank. You were there for us every step of the way and helped with any questions we had. Again Thanks for everything.

April and Shawn

This couple was just doing part-time mail and phone orders. Then as the business grew they decided to try a weekend indoor market. They started slow with one booth and after only a few months doubled their size. They enjoy the people on the weekend and during the week they take phone orders and do some outside sales. This business allows you to be very flexible in whatever direction you want to go with the business.

This store is very unique in that it supplies the local city it's in and also does mail-order business, but it is also on the U.S./Mexico Border. Everyday many people from Mexico come over to purchase U.S.A. products. The American made products are the best in the world and the most in demand. This store started out in the mail-order postcard business then did some outside sales and when the commercial business was built-up which took about 3-4 months. These three partners opened this beautiful store and have been going full speed ever since.

This gentleman was just doing mail-order and outside sales when he expressed an interest in opening a store. He then came to visit our model store and watched the way the store worked and was set-up. He then went back to his city and opened his first store, he did very well.

Then two years later he opened his second store. He now does in excess of one million dollars a year in sales. He followed our step-by-step instructions on building the stores and still does mail-order and website sales and outside showings. This business will keep growing every year and is very successful.

This business was started in 1992 as a part-time mail-order business and expanded into an outdoor market with two tables and a $500 starting inventory combination towels and scrubs. This business grew from 2 tables to 4 tables to 10 tables then an indoor air-conditioned trailer at an outdoor market. Then more booths were opened in other markets. Then they decided to open a storefront warehouse, then we taught them how to do showings where they would bring merchandise right to the hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities. This business now does almost a million dollars a year in sales which all started from some postcards and 2 tables of merchandise. The products and the marketing sell themselves. This is what we can help you do.

This beautiful store was opened in 1991 for 20k this store was built as a model store. It was sold six months later for 75k. This store started from a home based mail-order business to a store now opened for over 22 years and has done well into the millions of dollars in business. The store keeps growing and is run by a one-person, woman owner. She has done very well with the business. The stores are very easy to run, the products sell themselves and are highly repetitive items, and the business goes up in value everyday. This is a very good growing industry.

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